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Tuesday, December 22nd 2009


We wish you a Joyful Christmas!

Sussi and the Silkens at Starcastle Hounds wish you all a very joyful Christmas and may your wishes come true!

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Saturday, July 18th 2009


Yeah - but mine is a SILKEN WINDHOUND!

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Friday, July 17th 2009


Show the world you are a Silken Windhound person

Silken Windhound shirt
Silken Windhound by Pawdboy
Get t-shirts from zazzle.com
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Thursday, July 16th 2009


Another take on human evolution, this one require a Silken Windhound!

Silken Windhound bag
Silken Windhound by Pawdboy
Create your own photo tote bag at Zazzle.com
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Wednesday, June 24th 2009


Gizmo - a 4 month old (Silken Windhound) Houdini!

We knew from the start that Gizmo was a smart pup.
When he was 5 weeks and 6 days he had already watched his elders using the doggie door and tried it himself. Alas - he was too small! He didn't reach up and he was not yet strong enough to jump up and push the flap open.

When he was 6 weeks and 3 days he had it all figured out and he mastered the doggie door.
From that day until he left for his new home with Marith in Norway, he was completely housebroken.

Not bad for puppy that age to figure out all that by himself just by watching the other dogs.

Little Gizmo did not disappoint Marith. He has proven to be quite resourceful.
But maybe it is a bit too much when you find your 4 month old puppy 5 meters up, at the top of the roof on the garage!
(Luckily he stayed put and could later be coaxed down with some juicy meat)

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Sunday, January 18th 2009


Silken Windhounds on Facebook

Did you know that there is a Group at Facebook called Facebook Silken Windhound Society as well as a Facebook Page called Silken Windhounds?
You should check them out, you may find a lot of your friends in the Silken fancy there and some new people to connect with as well.

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Wednesday, December 24th 2008


Merry Christmas to all Silken Windhounds in the World!

Kennel Starcastle Hounds Silken Windhounds wishes you the best of Holidays!

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Friday, February 29th 2008


Pups love babies

Although my dogs are in no way used to babies, they seem to love them.
A very young baby visited us yesterday and all dogs were most interested.

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Thursday, September 13th 2007


38 dog breeds can be identified genetically

According to MMI, Metamorphix Inc, they can now identify what breeds your cross bred dog really comes from. Provided they belong to the 38 breeds that are mapped so far I guess ...
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Sunday, August 26th 2007


Things I'm going to get when I can afford it

There area lot's of small things you'd like to buy if you had the money. Unfortunately money for all those really unnecessary things you want is scarce.

Here is a sign I would want at the gate, with a pic of my dogs and a kennel name, they have signs for you baby pram and all sort of things too.
Swedish Plate

And this company does pieces in silver from your photo, they only seem to do babies, but maybe they can be convinced to do dogs?
And look at the hand and foot prints they do from real prints of you baby in real crystal!
I can very well imagine a paw print from a dog as well

Ah, this is just a small amount of all of those completely unnecessary things I would really like to have


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Tuesday, June 19th 2007


New Silken Windhound breeder, Silver Wind Kennel

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Friday, June 1st 2007


Want to find European Silken Windhounds?

If you want to find European Silken Windhound sites, you should visit my site, there is no other site that links to so many different European Silken sites as I do.
You should be able to find Silken sites you never heard of before.
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Sunday, May 27th 2007


Photos of the puppies, one day old

There are photos of the puppies, one day old, on my  web site now.
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Wednesday, May 23rd 2007


Puppies are here!

3 girls, 2 boys.  Alice looked like she was born to have puppies

2 blue fawns, 2 cream sables and one dark silver or possibly blue brindle.

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Tuesday, May 1st 2007


Alice is loosing her waist line

Alice is loosing her waist line but you can't really say her tummy is big yet.
About 3 weeks left before puppies ...

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Friday, April 20th 2007


Fira BIS in England!

Fira, Starcastle Hounds Fire Fly was Best in Show at Crystal Palace Canine Association's Companion Show in England.

See more of Fira in England.

Read more about these Companion shows of KC in England

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Thursday, April 19th 2007


2 adult males in need of need of new homes

Two adult  pet Silken Windhound males, age 5, are in need of new homes.
I will have photos up as soon as possible.

If you are interested, please email me.
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Wednesday, April 18th 2007


New Web Site

Since my own web site is old and outdated as well as detoriating and falling apart, I have started the work on a new site.

It is by no means finished yet, I started it just the other day
But if you are interested you can see it as it grows at


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Tuesday, April 10th 2007


Puppies in May

Alice was bred to Rowan and I think we will have puppies around May 20.
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Saturday, March 31st 2007


Happy Easter!

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